Some images of my work - please click to enlarge. All items are bespoke and below is a basic price guide.

Please do enquire if you have any requests or ideas for pieces that you do not see here.

Fingerprint charms with one print: Tiny from £45- suitable for babies or half-print. Small charms from £50- good for ages up to approx 6 yrs or partial prints for larger fingerprints. Medium charms from £60- good for older children or double prints. Large charms from £70- good for adults or multiple prints. Cufflinks £110.

Miniaturised hand/footprints/kisses/paw prints/doodles charms add £10, to above prices, add £5 for each extra imprint & engraving in a single charm. 

Miniaturised pre-natal scan charms from £60 (not all scan pictures are clear enough to transfer)

Double sided charms available, priced as 2 charms.

Items that weigh over 7.78g are sent to the London Assay Office to be fully hallmarked, items that weigh under can be hallmarked for an additional £20 by request.